Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Innocence of God

O! People of Faith! behold and listen carefully. This is your God who created Adam from dust. He created Then He Eve from the rib of the Adam. He asked them to live in the Heaven and enjoy every blessing present in the heaven except ONE (a plant which is known as wheat plant).

God prohibited Adam and his companion from eating one plant. It was a great bargain for both the parties. Adam and Even were enjoying every thing without any effort and hard work as compared to the life of today's human being. We have to struggle hard to win a leaf of bread for our family. God was so gracious and loving to both Adam and Eve by putting only one condition in return.


Our Great Adam and Even could not hold themselves from abiding by only one direct order from the God.

Here came SATAN in the story. Satan who was living on earth tried to make them astray and convinced them to eat the plant. He told Adam and Eve that this plant is actually a plant of Eternity. If you will eat this plant you will live for ever.... blah blah.... Adam and Eve where convinced and they ate the plant.

NOW God was so angry on this shameful act of His very first products of human beings. God dropped both of them on to the earth and in punishment ordered them to live here and struggle hard to earn living for your lives.

That was fair punishment because after all, He asked only one thing to watch out in return of life in heaven.

Time passed.......... Adam and Even lived on earth and their children started to grow. Their sons and daughters spread all over the earth. Then again, after some times, God started to communicate with human beings but this time He did not contacted his creatures directly rather He appointed his prophets to deliver his orders to other human beings..... :)

Most of prophets gave list of prohibited things and habits. Gradually this list of demands increased to hundreds and thousands of orders from God for human beings


Oh! My great God! when first of human beings could not follow only one instruction from You, How can we the sons and daughters of the same creature, be able to follow thousands of orders ?????????????

Doesn't this story shows that God had little knowledge about his creatures? He had no proper security system in place that's why Satan sneaked in?

How Innocent God we have?

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