Saturday, January 12, 2013

Religion: I am Right You are Wrong

Im right you are wrong
.........All religious people are slaves of the same delusion....

There are hundreds of religions but major in the world are almost 20 and so... Every religion claims to be true and others considered wrong. Every religious group believes that they are the only chosen one who will go to heaven in the afterlife and enjoy forever while others are bound to go to be there in fire forever.

We all are strong believers of our parental religions and follow its rituals because we were dropped in that environment.....

How are you so sure that you are on the right path? Have you ever met the true God.... ? Is there any rational base for your believes?

All of us quote from our religious scriptures. We believe these scriptures are God's words.... these books were written or compiled about thousands of years ago and millions of people tried their ideas on them and provided thousands of interpretations since then... Every hundred years or so the meanings of scriptures are changed and new meanings caused to create new sects in the religion... and then followers of any new sect started to believe that they are the only people on right path and all other people are wrong... and so on and so forth.... Humanity is being divided into groups by this mindlessness rather its a blindlessness.

Who is real God's representative... just think open you eyes and start thinking critically and let me know if you get some real relational guarantees from your real GOD....

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