Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good God Bad God

'Religulust' people talk about satan as though he was a god of evil. Then they say their god is an innocent, loving and good god who has nothing to do with Satan. But that isn't true.

According to the 'religulust' stories on record, "Satan" is created by an innocent loving god... the same god who tries to baptize his image through religious monks. But basically the god in 'religulust' stories is a big dirty villain who creates all bad, evil and horrific things, creates invisible human enemies (like satan or viruses), and gives him powers to influence human beings… and yet on the other side, coerces humans to be good and stay away from Satan… or be burnt in hell forever.

Who is misleading the human race? It isn't Satan. Rather it's god who is misleading humans and dividing them in his name. God is the perpetrator and is behind all suffering, killing, disease and division. God is not LOVE; rather he and his followers are full of HATE.

It is only very recently that 'religulustic' people meet opponents wearing smiles on their faces. But in the past, when they and their god were in power, they always burnt and killed and enjoyed spiritual lust. They are still showing their true face where they can approve of terrorist organizations like 'the Taliban'.

Liken religion to water filled with mind altering substances... once you drink it you can't live without it... you need more doses of that misleading, depraved drink.

If you are a new arrival on earth then please be aware of this infectious PUS.


  1. so you have lots of confusions ? these are very simple to answer but a person have ability and interest to learn truth.

  2. Confusions are only for religious people because they never agreed on a god and its religion. We are not confused at all that god is man created concept. We are not confused about hell and heaven about allah or christ, yahawa or krishna. We are not confused about who is going to hell and who is going to heaven. We are not confused about real true god's religion...... CONFUSION IS THERE ONLY FOR RELIGIOUS PEOPLE

  3. I couldn't agree more Shazi. I loved your blog :)