Monday, April 4, 2011

Creator's Manual ?

Why we need Holy Books to follow and live our life according to their commands? This question disturbed me since started learning holy books. Holy books are so boring that you often feel sleepy while learning about god's commands. My mind tried to think freely but books instructed me not to think certain ideas at all because such and such things are bad. So bad that even thinking is not allowed.

I asked my priests why we are not free to live our lives? Why we have to follow holy commands?

Modern men of god gave me examples of modern machines. They said : "don't you see when some one purchases a machine, you get an operating instructions called Manual from manufacturer which guides us how to use this machine. When you purchase even a mobile, you get manual with it. Same way God want us to live life according to his wishes....." Wow excellent argument... I was impressed until i revisited this argument with critical thinking. I was satisfied with the combination of reason and faith. I was convinced that Yes we surely need a manual to operate our lives according to the plans and wishes of our creator.

But then on a second thought on this argument, I found that this argument is not only vague but also proves that god is less careful about his product(human)'s manual deliver.

Lets talk a little about worldly Intelligent Designer or industrial manufacturers: If some designer of a machine feels that their creation is so complex that it might not be used properly without guidelines. The designer or manufacturer of this machine will send its manual along with the machine. It will make sure that when machine is delivered, the manual is also attached with the delivery packing. This is because he wants to make sure that machine is not misused and never have complaint of complexity of its usage. This intelligent creator of machine will not leave us to marketing forces to deceive us on the name of original creators. So you will never get confused with multiple false manuals. This is what intelligent designers do........

Now, if according to our holy men, God wants humans to live life according to his wishes then why his commandments are not delivered along with the delivery of humans ( along with birth) ?

Why human's manual is so disputed that hundreds of different holy groups are trying to convince that we have the real manual from the manufacturer ????

Does it make him Intelligent or................ or he is just kidding with us ?   : o

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