Monday, March 28, 2011

Religion is Bad Science

Relates to the natural order. A body of knowledge and practices directed toward studying, understanding & manipulating this world to benefit humanity.

Relates to the supernatural authority. System of belief and practices which let you know how to live this life according to will of supernatural authority.

Interrelates both the natural and supernatural worlds. Directs supernatural forces to effect desired outcomes in the natural world.

Science is empirically based. Science relies on evidence-based data. In the revolution of 18th century the practice emerged of using all your senses to understand nature. In science, knowledge is universal and evident and can be practically tested by other people. It's not a private or personal experience in which others just have to believe.

Private and personal experiences are found in Religion and Magic. You are not able to test those experiences. You must simply believe what is told to you coming from supernatural authority; therefore you will be punished by death if you dare to challenge divine authority.

There were times when religion was the only source of knowledge and power for humans in society. Religion was responsible for interpreting all natural phenomenon. There was no independent science knowledge at all, for centuries. Then in the 17th and 18th century science became a parallel knowledge stream. In the 19th and 20th centuries, science uprooted religion from many fields of knowledge and scientists started to speak out bluntly about evils of religion. In the 19th century Karl Marx said 'Religion works as an opium for the masses'. In the 20th century Anthropology declared that Religion is bad science. This was a clear indication that religion was going out of power and people of science were declaring that "God is dead".

But thanks to humanity's irrational way of thinking, the old dead god is still very much active in our political, social and private lives.
Religion fought back and started to readjust its position to be alongside science. Religion started claiming that it was not against science and is fully compatible with scientific knowledge.

Religion is trying to keep its domain separate from science in one area, though. Religious scholars claim that science has no business trying to explain the origin of life, asserting that it is the domain of religion to explain how the universe started, how life began and the reason why we are here.

But still, Religion's answer to all confounding scientific questions is "it's God's will," which is their favorite answer.

Science will drop any explanation that has no solid reasoning behind it, but religion strains to explain ALL natural phenomena, while putting very little effort into reasonable explanation. When religion exhausts its answers it simply brings "god" in to explain things. Religious scholars try to give the impression that they are not against science; rather, they use 'reason' to explain.

But as Professor Terence Francis Eagleton said: "Religion indeed relies to a great extent on reason, but reason doesn't go all the way down." (

You see, religion can 'chew' it to give you the impression of being reasonable; but it can't 'swallow' it. ;)

Thats why scientists say "RELIGION IS BAD SCIENCE."

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