Friday, November 12, 2010

End of Times : A big "Bull Shit" from blind beliefs

We are getting mad. We are getting hard on each other. We believe all true what we believe and all false what they believe. Killing opponents have become sacred jihad. Our group is savior and all others are doomed to go to hell. 21st century thought to be century of information and reason. Look what we are turning into. If champs are not our ancestor then why we are behaving like that?

Most of us believe these are END TIMES. The judgement day is coming soon. The Christ or The Imam is coming down to inculcate the true. We believe the believer will automatically on his side...When He will come there will be a furious fight with the believers and non believers. A lot of killing is going to happen....Some say this is going to be third and final world war.....

Don't you believe we can avoid this inevitable? Remember we have been Human .... Not Champs ? Lets play it again... Lets be peaceful human not champs ....Lets revisit our stupid beliefs. Lets make knowledge and experience our guide to the future....

We are out of all this shit.....If we can manage to dispose off pile of fake stories of God and his religions.

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