Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Creationists find structure in everything they see, and call it Intelligent Design, created by God. They praise god for creating everything beautifully and with reason. They find that there is nothing useless in this world. Everything created by GOD has its purpose of life... etc... etc....

Fine... If life is really intelligently designed by God then surely diseases and viruses are also intelligently designed as well. But WHY did he put them here? To cause his living creatures misery? To attack infants and children, making them suffer in their early age? Parent and their children must suffer from fever and painful infections with every seasonal change.

Who created the Malaria virus, and then created mosquitoes to carry this virus and transfer it to human beings and their offspring? Didn't God know it would kill human beings in large numbers back when we had little knowledge of science or disease?

In that case, the Polio virus is another intelligent design. Lets look closer at it and you will surely praise the intelligent design of this tiny tiny virus. The Polio virus is composed of an RNA genome and a protein capsid. The genome is a single-stranded positive-sense RNA genome that is only about 7500 nucleotides long. The viral particle is about 30 nanometres. Because of its short genome and its simple composition—only RNA and a non-enveloped icosahedral protein coat that encapsulates it— the Polio virus is widely regarded as the simplest significant virus.

The Polio virus uses two key mechanisms to evade the immune system. First, it is capable of surviving the highly acidic conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, allowing the virus to infect the host and spread throughout the body via the lymphatic system. Second, because it can replicate very quickly, the virus overwhelms the host organs before an immune response can be mounted.

And most of all, the Polio virus is especially designed to cause lifetime disabilities for humans.

Who is the culprit? Who sends viruses to make you suffer? Is it God or Satan? If all bad deeds originate from Satan, was he the intelligent designer… or was it still God himself? And if god created these things, then why has he created them to sneak past the so-called foolproof human immune system?

When a Creationist suffers from a viral attack, which he must view as an attack by god's intelligently designed creatures, why does he rush to doctors begging for a cure? Why don't they admire GOD when they are attacked by a virus? Why won't they just enjoy his intelligent design of this effective and debilitating virus and revel in its destruction of their body? Why don't they just allow God's intelligent design do its work??

So tell me… why would Creationists want to kill his intelligently designed creatures... the VIRUSES?

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