Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Slaughtering in the name of God....

People are spending thousands of rupees to purchase "qurbani", animals to slaughter in the name of god. We Muslims will spend millions on this eve. We aren't thinking of any poor persons around. We aren't thinking of the recent flood victims in Pakistan. No. We will just slaughter another animal because it reminds us how to sacrifice in the name of god… right?

You believe that you are earning millions of so-called NAIKEES by spending thousands on each animal. Don't you realize this sacrifice is nothing but bullshit, a way to show your wealth and to proudly display ignorance of your surroundings?

Shame on all of us for wasting money and food in the name of god, while other muslim brothers and sisters are crying for help. We are going to spend millions of dollars on this EID day and in the meanwhile we are begging for aid from non-muslim countries to help our flooded brothers and sisters. Shame on us!

By the way… this Eid ul Azha reminds us of what?

The Sacrifice of Ibrahim. 

Do you know what he did to his family?

He heard a voice and thought he was talking to god. God ordered him to leave his infant and his wife in the desert, and he did so.Then god ordered him to slaughter his son in his, god's, name. Yet we all listen to the story told to us by Mullas on the eve of Eid, and feel religious bliss every time.

Would you admire the same person if you found him living in your neighborhood? What would you do if you found him praising god and trying to slaughter his son? I hope you'd call the police… wouldn't you?

I can't speak for you, but if I ever hear "god's" voice in my head telling me to murder my son, I'd check myself into a mental hospital.

Or maybe I'll form a new religion. :)

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