Saturday, March 5, 2011

HE must be Kidding

- O people of the earth, Believe in my true religion and follow the instructions (and please don't laugh) or I will send you to hell no kidding. If you need hint to find out true religion out of many then O people of earth, Listen carefully There is only one true religion out of many false religions and that ONE is mine.... now go and find the ONE. Check out all claims and see which presenter is more clever and more attractive for you... when you feel attraction to some thats would be true one .... don't laugh im not kidding, I have hell for those who do not believe me and don't follow my instructions and they will be burnt in hell forever after.... Hey who is laughing there? Don't you know I am all powerful almighty and all knowing god?

- I gave you free will so use it exactly as I command you to

- I Created world for humans but with 70% salt water...

- Accidently make humans too smart they stop believing me

- Prohibited abormtion and caused misscarriages... how is that :)

- Kill millions with natural disasters and survivors praise you for letting them alive

- Jews are my chosen people yet allowed to happen Holocaust

- I prove satan wrong by making believers suffer

- Hide fossils in ground and troll scientists

- You life is shit cause your incestuous distant ansestors were convinced by talking snake to eat forbidden fruit I put in eden for some reason while I was looking even though I'm omnipotent.

- Please destroy satan, LoL nah :)

Now Listen O people on earth,
Follow one True religion Or be ready to be burnt into hell forever.

If confused about true religion then follow my prophets,
If confused about prophets read my holy books
If confused about my holy book then go to hell LOL!

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