Saturday, March 5, 2011

Addressing the RP Issue

I want to take a moment of your time to expose a serious problem in modern society... the proliferation of RP's. RP's are seemingly everywhere on the face of the planet, but find themselves mostly in the USA and in poor, backwoods countries where people drag things on the ground or carry them on their heads because they haven't yet invented the wheel.

RP's are like Luddites, fearing the man who holds demon fire in his hand. Hey, it's just a flashlight, buddy. Lightbulb and power source in a tube, see? No, don't eat that!

RP's see a public library containing thousands of volumes of the world's knowledge and pass it by, preferring to go to their own library to read. It also has thousands of volumes... but they're all on the same topic.

RP's look like everybody else, on the surface: They smile and say hello when passing you on the street and dress in clothing like we all do, but they have very different thinking processes than non-RP's do: They simply don't use any.........

Wana know who are RP's read full article here

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