Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Top 10 Things Science Still have to Explain

Article adopted from : http://smilepanic.com/top-10-things-science-cant-explain

Science can’t explain all. But just because these things are yet to be explained, doesn’t mean science ‘cant’ explain them.

The WOW! signal
Wow, a secret message from outer space! Twenty years on and still no nearer an answer.

Pioneer’s Funky Voyage
The creators of these deviant probes are ripping their hair out trying to understand what went wrong.

Female Orgasms
After a whole lot of thinking, biology’s best minds are still confused.

Dark Energy
The universe is a dark, dark place, which makes it ruddy difficult to study.

The Speed of Light
Faster than a speeding photon: is it possible? Einstein stays no, but does everyone else?

The Placebo Effect
Take this pill and you’ll be cured, just as long as you believe me.

Cold Fusion
Can atoms get together and let off some steam without the sauna?

Open your mouth and notice the shockingly fascinating mystery of the yawn. Other unlocked mysteries include why fetuses in the womb yawn?

Dark Matter
Just because you can’t see the WIMPs and MACHOs doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

What Came Before, What Will Come After
Wouldn’t it be really boring if it was just blackness. However, anyone’s guess is as good as ours.

These are the mysteries which science still have to explain. But one day science will definitely find its way to the reasons behind all these phenomenal mysteries. 


  1. Hi, I dont think science CAN explain Wow signal. For one thing, it is gone. For second... I can remember Seth Shostak (senior astronomer of SETI project) saying, that they were once thinking, that they have the ONE signal. They spend all night looking at the data, analysing and so on, but at the end they found out, that it was SOHO satelite bouncing in the anthenna. Wow signal was probably something like that.

    Nice blog, anyway... :-)

  2. Signal of SOHO, of course. It was humorous typo :-D

  3. Oh, and female orgasm was explained. It helps to increase probability of conception. You can find it in every book of evolutionary psychology.
    Sorry for spamming.