Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Religious Miracles : Fabricated Stories


I received lot of text messages and emails which mentioned a recent religious miracle. Apparently there was a rumor about a girl who mishandled the Quran, and because of that 'crime' Allah turned her into a grotesque animal resembling a dog. Many of those people sent email messages containing the above picture, claiming that it was the girl who was turned into an animal. Horrible, am I right?

Well, it turns out the image of this doglike girl was just an image coming from an artist's imagination. It was nothing more or less than a sculpture made from silicone plastic and animal hair and manufactured glass eyes.
There are numerous stories circulating which are just like this one, but after review it always turns out that every "Miracle" is just a fabricated story. This might be intentional propaganda, or perhaps it is just a tale passionate believers latch onto in order to prove their religion, and themselves, right.

So don't be fooled. Be skeptical of amazing-sounding stories, and don't trust any of these liars without researching their claims.

I found some more creative sculpture images from the same artist :

Surrogate (for the Northern Hairynosed Wombat)Surrogate (for the Northern Hairynosed Wombat)
visit the website for more :

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