Friday, August 16, 2013

Don't Fear the Enemies

Pakistan is facing multi-forms of terrorism. Sectarian, Nationalist and Jehadi terrorism are the main forms which are causing devastating effects on economical, political and social life in Pakistan. More than 35,000 Pakistanis killed in this was since 2001(@). We as Pakistani consider India as our enemy number one. We developed atomic bomb to fight this enemy. We spend most of our earnings in the defense related expenses. Unfortunately, We could not analyse that time has changed and now enemy is not at borders any more. Pakistan is on attack by internal enemy. This IE is not "Hindu" or "Kafir" of any kind. This internal enemy is shaped like Muslim Pakistani. He walks, wears,talks and lives around us and like us. Some times its religious like Taliban or Lashkar and some times its nationalist BLA.

We are confused about this internal enemy. Nation is divided on this issue. Some say that they are not terrorist. Rather they are just the result of American brutalities. So "lets not fight with them. Lets engage them in to talks". On the other hand some of us feel that they are terrorists and they are killing innocent people. So they must be stopped with force. This is the only war which have talked sacrifice of almost each sector of our national life. Arm forces,Police,Teachers,Students, business men,women and children all have been killed by the suicide bombing and terrorist attacks. We should solve this issue as soon as possible. We should say at some point that "Enough is Enough".

FIGHTING fearlessly with terrorist is the only resolve here. If we don't want to waist our precious lives and money any more then we should come out of our confused stated of mind. We should determine the path of our national ideology. If we feel that terrorists are our enemies then why we ask to stop drone attacks in the first place... Why??? Enemy of the enemy is always a friend. Americans are fighting against terrorists and they attack on hideouts of these terrorists. These terrorists are in control of the areas where your control is almost zero. If your law enforcement agencies can not enforce the power of law. If we can not reach them then why we don't appreciate that someone is doing your job? They are not only finding them but killing them... Isn't is what we want???

We cry over the "innocent" men, women and children being killed due to drone attacks. There is a valid question rises on this cry. Are they really innocent? They are the ones who are hiding and supporting our enemies. Shall we not consider them our enemies as well? They look like our Pakistanis, just like our friends and families but BEWARE they are not our friends rather they are most dangerous enemies on the earth. They are fake friends.

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