Friday, March 18, 2011

Religions from Schizophrenic Family

Religion is system of believing some invisible and intangible personalities and events. Believing in primitive tribal stories, stories of family tend to have mental illness called "Schizophrenia", family of Abraham. Abraham who was reported to listen voices. He had all symptoms of "Schizophrenia". As tribal old ignorant person, he thought that he is listening to god in mind. Most holy books related to the same dilusional family of prophits.

You believe in Religion that means you believe in some kind of God, Angels and some ghostly beings, Hell, Heaven, Life after Death, Gods's designed man and then women drived from the rib of Man, Judgement day, Prayer, Destiney, Luck, Slavery, Killing in the name of God, Cursing some godly creations like Pig, Slaughtering Animals in the name of God, God's books, Sin, Stonning sinners to death, Killing opponents to please god.

If you believe in religion you have to believe all these rediculous things. You can not cherry pick. Its a whole package you have to pick it or drop it.

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