Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stop Killing Lets Call Him, Where is God?

Human Race is divided for centuries on Religion and God idea. This God dispute caused many wars in the past and is still main cause of war. Religion killed millions of people and are still killing due to religious differences.

All religious people are convinced that they follow true god. All are killing in order to please him. All of them claim to be the right wing of real god....Is it possible that All are following the same god while they are killing each other on belief differences? This is not happening today only... this is the case in all of human history. Even some scripts admit this problem in some way..... Fightings and killings in the name of God....

Any civilized person can have question in mind that Is there any End to this ignorance? What is the solution of this dispute? This problem can only be solved if HE is willing to help his pathetic followers.... But real problem is that how to find this only hidden commodity? He is too shy to talk to everyone on earth. He never could established his direct contact with all human race. He found this ingenious way to pick one out of thousands to communicate with rest of sheep herd. He sent thousands of prophets. Every time HE could convince very few of the total population. But HE still had only one idea in mind. Try to convince them or kill them. Wow... Excellent right?

Now, We don't know where to contact him or how to send a request to intervene and resolve this bloody confusion once and for all.... OUR MARKETING FIRMS CAN SUGGEST BETTER WAYS OF COMMUNICATION AND CONVINCING TACTICS

The only way to contact God is to contact religious authorities. Lets call religious scholars of all existing religions and bring them on one international platform and ask them to contact to your god in order to show him/herself on stage and answer the questions we are fighting for centuries.

Why we don't deserve to follow real true god? Why Muslims are so confidence that they are following true religion on the other hand Christians feel Muslims are stupid and following false religion.... Jews think both are wrong ... and in the same pattern all religions feel : "WE ARE FOLLOWING TRUE GOD OTHERS ARE DOOMED"

If their really a god and HE still exist and is still alive then He should come up and answer his followers and provide all details of his where abouts and may tell them the right path.....If our duty is to follow his will then His duty is to provide us his clear instructions which we can follow without a doubt.....

If all religious scholars could not bring him out of shadows and he is not willing to fulfill his duty then lets say to him very loud and clear all together that " Mr. GOD! YOU ARE FIRE "

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