Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rebellious thinkers of Human Race

I often think about the people who have been rebellion of their age and time. The people who questioned the existing set of values. They were the people who brought light of knowledge .... They excogitated and brought out real ideas out of darkness. Today whatever scientific and technological facilities of life we are anjoying are only due to these rebellious thinkers.

In the age of darkness, We were affraid of everything. We thought of things powerful thus we surrendered our souls and bowed in front of them and worship them as gods. But great thinkers of time were our saviors. They provided us courage to stand high in the courts of false gods.
There were mainly 3 types of rebellious thinkers.

Prophets were rebellious of their existing religious thoughts of their societies and they provided new sets of rule for the betterment of societies and added new values to our lives.

Some provided us light by developing philosophies of their own instead of claiming to be representatives of any god. They provided us new and free thinking ways instead of depending on heavens for guidance.

Some provided us knowledge by practicing and making things, which were not familiar to us earlier....They were the people who believed in providing real life proof of any belief or idea. They emphasized on practicals and provided us new way of progress.

I want to thank to all of my great rebellious thinkers of all ages.... and also I want the youth of my age to follow them and become rebellious thinkers to bring up more goodness of life as we are not yet done...

Human sufferings are ever increased and evil is still ruling the world... we need more rebellious thinkers.........

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