Wednesday, December 8, 2010

About Baloney Thinking

I have been very very religious in my early life. Life in my early teens was fascinating. Every relation every thing related to me was like a fairy tale…. My religion was Just perfect…… I was excited to be on the right and only true religion. I was sure to go to heaven and all other human beings which were not believers of my faith were about to go to hell forever……

But as I grew in age and experience… I started to think more rationally. Many questions started to circle around. Why billions of humans are doomed to go to hell? Does not HE love them? How every religion is so sure to be right and the true god’s religion? Why there is so much killing and why religious people hate so much? Why why why………… Unlimited Questions and There was no answer to these questions…..

Then I started to study religion and found many more problems in the real script and verbal beliefs ….. and then a striking thought came to my mind. If there are more than 20 religions in practice and billions are following them and every religion claim to be real and all others are false then how can we be sure about TRUTH? People in Every religion are sincere to god. They try their best to please the GOD … But He doesn’t seem to answer then to address their real problems. Why God does not answer to poor people? Why there is so much suffering? Why Slavery was not addressed by Religion?……. why why why…..

…then I just started to study science instead of religion….and I gradually found all the answers I was looking for……………………

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