Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why doesn't HE defend himself?

While debate about God continues... I am sitting in the audience and thinking, where is GOD... Why can not He himself appear and defend himself?
Is he too far away that he can not hear all this disturbance in the minds of human beings today.... Or he is out there for any nature calls... ?
Or he being old and sick, might not be able to respond to humans anymore...or Satan might have overthrown his kingdom and captured him behind the bars....OR He might be dead ????

My mind is wondering....People are defending His position as Creator on his behalf..... But unfortunately, all of his defenders don't agree with each other.... Jews don't agree with Christians and Christians don't believe Muslims and vice-versa...
Every one is claiming to be god's true follower.... but everyone else is falsified by Satan. ??????

I feel that he must answer calls of his beloved followers if he is still alive and in-charge of this universe.


  1. To end this ever conflicting issue between human beings HE should appear on the sky where everyone on the earth can see him. Then He should declare the right religion which he want people to follow.

    Media will record the even and everyone will follow the right path then. There must be a free cell number to call directly to God... or at-least we might be able to send SMS.

    If someone go astray we will send SMS to ask him what to do with him... is he right or wrong ?etc....etc....

    No need to ask any religious stupid leaders for guidance... Direct access to GOD... thats what i need.......

  2. God is too cool to muddle in such petty matter :P