Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who wins in Cosmic Politics

Once upon a time there were two wrestling politicians of the cosmos, known by the names of God and Satan.
Both were fighting to win more and more human votes in favor of their power.

Both decided to influence the human race and register more and more members of their communities. God decided the way of revelation. He sent prophets and books to human race through which He promised paradise for followers of God and hell for following the demon or Satan. He told human beings that he destroyed the human colonies many times, just because people of the colonies were following Satan so never go astray, he also declared peaceful and sexy after life for those who will follow him...

ON the other side 

Satan decided not to send any revelation or promises or any threats to human being.... He just motivated the human being to use your brain, don't wait for the next life, just create your own hell or paradise here on earth.

Now here we are.... Instead of following God's will, we used brain and followed science and technology or so called Satan :)

Just imagine if we all followed the first politicians, We might have still been using donkeys for transport, women behind the walls, everyone with stupid hilarious beard faces running after women and boys. Slavery was legitimate practice for the God followers so slavery would have flourished many folds by this time.
Fortunately we did not followed the ONE. Instead we followed our mind(which is usually misinterpreted as Satan). We challenged everything we had with us. We dared to change and we did. No god could stop us. We learned how to live and survive in this cruel world. We used existing raw material and developed many final products with excellent power of our knowledge.

We vanished thousands of gods and deities in the past and they could not do anything in their defense and we will one day eliminate the remaining and we will make God = Zero.....

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