Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Become God of your kind

Searching God (the real one) is impossible. When we grow up, our dear ones introduce us with our family god like jews introduce YHVH, Christian introduce god as Christ, Muslims as Allah and so on.... We are then told to be care full, be fearful and love him at the same time. We come to know then that we have to follow his instructions which are usually written in a holy book. If we follow him we will go to heaven in our afterlife and if we fail to do so when will have to face the consequences which are surly going to hell and burnt in fire forever.... Usually we believe all this true and lead our life according to instructions fed by our religion.
Some of us face turbulent thoughts which start questioning the authorities of all kind. If our mind asks questions about the authority of God like is it are real god which i have been worshiping all my life or its an other demon which is haunting human hearts and minds for centuries....?

After questioning your God's authority you start to look around and you find there are many other gods and their religions in the world and surprisingly every religion claim the same:
Our God is True
Our Religion is True
Our Holy Book is true
Our prophet is true
Our followers will enjoy heaven with food and sex
Others will go to hell and be burnt forever after
and so on.....
When you find all this... you want to say : "W-T-F"

Now if you are facing all this then you should know that you are in a lot of trouble. In the super market of Gods you have no idea which god to buy for your safety...
Now you are all alone in this universe where death is the only king all around. After few days you start to gather you courage, knowledge and will power to continue your journey to find out truth.....

At this stage when you have rejected you family god... now you collect the C.V. of all candidate Gods then short list them on your own freedom. This is very interesting stage now you can send god to hell with your power to say NO you are not real god..... :) keep thinking and you might drop each and every god into trash bin. And again you alone...

My sincere advice to you my friend is to keep you family god intact because even if you reject him, this childhood god is not going to vanish all togather from your mind and heart :)
Make science your guide and start learning more about life and universe and try to become master of things and ultimately the universe..... and become god of your kind............

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