Monday, October 25, 2010

Skeptics and Free Thinkers Only

I have been skeptical of supernatural things for a long time. I have investigated many concepts like ghosts ("Jin") and found that people who claimed to have contacted ghosts or kept jins as slaves or servants were basically lying. They invented stories that people believed as true. I also found that generally we tend to be stupid when it comes to supernatural things-- we just stop thinking rationally.
I wish to spread words of awareness about the baloney thinking around us. I sometimes feel in the 21st century, we might have started our intellectual regression back to stupidity again... and are proving this by adopting idiotic thinking practices and by electing ineffective leaders in most of the countries worldwide.

English is not my native language. So I make many grammatic mistakes while writing my post. One of my English speaking friend Bruce Ian Friedman is helping me. If you still find some problem what simply means he still have to review my post.....

Join me if you feel yourself to be a free thinker or if you have a passion for learning. Visit regularly, and participate by commenting on my posts.

Life is priceless. Love it and don't waste your time; it's never going to come back for you.
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Keep smiling and try to spread smiles out there :)

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